Iran? Who would have thought?

From the New York Times article, “Molding the Ideal Islamic Citizen”.

TEHRAN– The instructor held up an unfurled green condom as she lectured a dozen brides-to-be on details of family planning. But birth control was only one aspect of the class, provided by the government and mandatory for all couples before marriage. The other was about sex, and the message from the state was that women should enjoy themselves as much as men and that men needed to be patient, because women need more time to become aroused.

I have two thoughts on this:

1- Wow! Iran is teaching birth control and family planning to new couples? Who would have thought that the Iranian government (or at least the bureaucracy) would be more progressive in sex education and politics than the United States?

2- Ugh. I don’t like that government is teaching morality at any level. You have to expect it from Iran, considering they have a religion-based government (though amazingly secular on other levels).