Paul Simon — a true master

Whether or not you like Paul Simon’s music, I think everyone can agree he’s a hugely accomplished musician, songwriter, and performer. I still can’t believe it’s been 25 years since his legendary album “Graceland” was completed.

But what made him a real legend in my eyes was the news about a concert last month in Canada. In between a couple of songs, some people in the audience cried out asking him to play “Duncan”, a song from an album he released in 1972. He agreed to, even though he was throwing his setlist out the window. But then the most amazing thing happened.

A woman right up front yelled out that she had learned to play guitar by playing “Duncan.” Paul Simon motioned for her to come up on stage. The next thing you know, he was not only throwing his setlist out the window, but putting his guitar in her hands! She played the entire song, right up front, on Paul Simon’s guitar. And of course, it was all caught on YouTube:

Paul Simon has to be a true legend and gentleman to stand back and give a completely unknown fan the spotlight. A real heartwarming experience, and I’m just glad it was caught on video so the rest of us could enjoy it, too!

[more on the CBC, which has an interview with Rayna, the woman in the video]