Today was the UK’s Unofficial “Workout after Work” Day

The UK “Workout after Work” Day is celebrated on the Monday evening after shifting to Daylight Savings Time. Here in the UK, that day was today.

As expected, thousands of people that likely haven’t done any real working out in the past few months went running, cycling, walking or managed a similar workout this evening. When I got home at 7 tonight and it was still both light and beautiful out, and my run was completely reinvigorating! It didn’t really get dark out until about 8pm, which was just about perfect.

My wife and I live right around the corner from the Thames, and there’s a path that goes right along the banks that’s makes for a great walk or run. Tonight there were about 20 times more people out and about than any other night recently, likely helped by the beautiful weather. The recent high tides had made it a little muddy in parts, but overall it wasn’t too bad.

But tomorrow is back to the gym for regularly scheduled training…

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