iPhone 3G … I Want

While I’ve lusted a bit over the original iPhone, I wasn’t really interested. 2.5G speeds just aren’t that good compared to 3G. How would I know? Well, I’ve had a 3G network dongle for my laptop for the past year + and it is a dramatic difference when I have a 3G signal. London is flooded with 3G, so there’s no reason not to take advantage of it.

The real killer app for me is the MobileMe service. I’ve used .Mac since before Apple started charging for it. It’s been a bit of a rip-off lately, but so many accounts are set up with that address I would have a serious pain in the ass to change it. But now that there is e-mail, calendar and addressbook Sync through the MobileMe “cloud” I am absolutely hooked! (And it’s finally getting to be worth the cost.)

I’ll have to spend some time experimenting with how it can or might integrate with Plaxo. Plaxo to me is great for doing all that syncing, but not that many people in my addressbook use it, so the automatic update of my addressbook when they change their information isn’t that useful. It looks like I’ll need to do some experimentation as to how to hook Plaxo up with the MobileMe addressbook so that I can try to capture those changes.

So as of July 11th Apple is releasing the iPhone 3G world-wide, and I certainly plan on being in line to get one. (Maybe not the first day, but probably within the first weekend!) I’ve had my Motorola RAZR for over two and a half years now… it’s time for new technology.

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