Cambridge MBA — Impressions and first speakers

It’s tough to believe that a week and a half of the MBA program has already gone by. It feels like it just started, but it also feels like I’ve known my classmates for ages.

For people interested in applying to the Cambridge MBA, please understand that as a one-year MBA (versus a two-year MBA) the program is rigorous. We typically have one class in the morning from 9–12:30, and another class in the afternoon from 2pm-5:30pm. The lunch break is quickly filled up by group meetings of all sorts, and the evenings are filled with great speakers, events, or other group meetings. We get on average about one afternoon a week off, but again, that’s quickly filled with group meetings.

Right now I’m involved with Jesus College Boat Club, Cambridge University Eco Racing Team (aka Solar Car Team), Cambridge University Entrepreneurs, Cambridge University Technology and Entrepreneurship Club, and a handful of Special Interest Groups (SIG’s) at Judge Business School. Those meetings, combined with study groups for classwork are what fill up the days.

The speakers we’ve had so far have been incredible. I hope to post more details about their talks soon. They include:

David Hibbert — Founder and former CEO of Abaqus (engineering software company)
Walter Gubert — Vice-Chairman, JPMorganChase
Bob Diamond — CEO BarclaysCapital, President Barclays Bank
Florian von Donnersmarck — Film Director (“Lives of Others”), won Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film. Oh, and it was his major motion picture debut!

It’s incredibly busy, with our first exam on Monday (Business Statistics) and our term’s consulting project starting up, but I do hope to post more soon.

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