That’s it… I’m officially sick of Apple, the iPod and the iPhone

I’m guessing there’s one company for every era of business school students. One company who is almost always used as an example, whose recent activities/products/services/innovations are used in every class and discussed thoroughly. This has probably been at some point, RJR Nabisco before that, HP before that, and so on.

This era’s company is Apple.

I’m officially sick of them. The iPod, the iPhone, the iTunes ecosystem, the Halo Effect, Steve Jobs, a culture of innovation…


I love Apple products, and own/use a MacBook, iPhone and iPods. But enough is enough.

Can we start using other examples… please? Pretty please?

(We recently had a case study on Banyan Tree Resorts, which was unfortunate since it looks like I’m going to have to go there on holiday with LondonAnnie sometime post-graduation. But that’s more like it…)

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