The law of unintended consequences

So a little over a year ago or so I was thinking about Twitter. Twitter is a tool that is both a type of social network (like Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) but is also a type of communications tool. I noticed that certain people posted on Twitter constantly, and used the communications tool functionality constantly.

Trying to be a bit cheeky, I put up a post titled “Voyeur vs. Exhibitionist (on Twitter)”. Virtually no one read it, and I was a bit too simplistic in my categorisation anyway; I was trying to say that users either broadcast everything they do or just listen in on everyone else.

But through the Law of Unintended Consequences I am now on the first page of Google results when someone searches for “exhibitionists blog”!

I’m guessing that anyone that actually clicks through to this site is sorely disappointed. But if anyone has started a blog, it shows that you’ll need to be careful what you post about… you never know how Google will look at it.

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