Thursday, June 18th — Announcing Cambridge Tech DEMO Night

Cambridge, UK is known for top science and engineering talent and research. More exciting is that many of these innovations and ideas are leaving the lab and are being commercialized by startups created in Cambridge.

I’m pleased to announce the first Cambridge Technology Demo Night, on Thursday, June 18th. It will feature seven-minute demo’s from four great Cambridge startups:

After the demos there will be a reception to be able to learn more about these companies and perhaps find opportunities to collaborate.

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Important Info

Date: Thursday, June 18th
Time: 6:30pm for a 7pm (strict!) start at Anglia Ruskin University. 
Demo Night will take place in Lecture Room Cos124 in the Coslett Building. (Please note: this is about a 5minute walk from the East Road main entrance.)
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The initial goals for this Demo Night are:

  • DEMOnstrate to the Cambridge and UK tech community the great products and companies coming out of Cambridge
  • DEMOnstrate several technologies/products around a common theme to provoke new thinking in the sector
  • make connections between startups, their local community, and potential partners/investors/advisors

The Demo Night is NOT:

  • death-by-powerpoint and/or investment pitches
  • networking without a focus
  • boring speakers about macro-scale “industry trends”

I’m really excited about this! What started with the founding of OpenCoffeeCambridge in February has quickly grown into this. It’s our first attempt at this, and I would appreciate any and all feedback. (To include format, a better name, or anything else.) With all the great startups in Cambridge, I hope this will become a regular event. I think we could get a night focused on mobile/sensor technology and another night focused on healthcare/biotech.

Finally, I’d like to thank Chris Mitchell of Audio Analytic for his help in arranging the venue! And I’d like to thank Prof. Stuart Wall for his assistance at Anglia Ruskin, too. (They’ve kindly sponsored refreshments for post-Demo reception.)

Register: Book your free tickets here!

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