Three new features in Seed-DB

I’m pleased to say that Seed-DB now has three new features! Some of these come from direct feedback; others are features I’ve been planning to add for a while. I hope you find them useful.

Median + Average funding

Brad Feld got in touch with me to refer me to his post where he discusses the differences between average and median funding in venture capital. Brad’s post makes a lot of sense for Seed-DB, too. I had previously just listed average funding for the startups in an accelerator; I have now added a column for median funding of the startups in that accelerator.

There is a slight hitch in how this is implemented because some accelerators have very few startups with Crunchbase profiles. In these cases even the median figures would be inaccurate because only the startups with solid funding rounds were typically shown. So if a startup doesn’t have any Crunchbase funding listed, I calculate the median using a combination of Crunchbase profiles (where available) and the average funding per startup (for each company that doesn’t have funding shown).

The result of this is that median values are accurate where most startups in an accelerator have up-to-date Crunchbase pages. TechStars in particular excels at this. As usual, if you have questions or concerns about this e-mail me directly.

Application Dates now available

There are over 120 seed accelerators listed on Seed-DB; this is a lot of choice for entrepreneurs around the world! As of today, Seed-DB will highlight seed accelerators with open application windows and direct visitors to the accelerators’ application page. These windows can be entered well in advance. On the day applications open a bright yellow button will appear next to your accelerator.

Only a couple of accelerators currently have entries. If you’d like to add information on the application open/close dates for your accelerator, enter them in this form. (I’ll check this link periodically and add what is submitted.)

I hope this helps startups learn what programs are open for immediate application, and helps accelerators generate additional application/deal flow.

Significantly improved updating

While not directly visible by users, the automatic updating of startups and accelerators has been drastically improved. Most changes in Crunchbase pages should be reflected in Seed-DB within 24 hours.

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