The Toss-up Twenty – please donate!

tl;dr – please donate to the Toss-up Twenty candidates for Congress

I’ve got a cast on my hand and it’s hard to type, so I’m going to make this short.  The current Republican party is corrupt to its core, with it’s elected members only serving themselves personally and their party, while not giving a crap about their constituents.

The best way to start changing this is for the US to elect more Democrats than Republicans to the House of Representatives on Election Day: November 6, 2018.  That is just a short 68 days away!

A Democratic-controlled Congress will rein in ethics abuses and corruption that Republicans have let flourish, address healthcare costs and access, and try to fix the growing divide between the wealthy and average Americans.

There are twenty seats that could easily tip the balance (or not) for Democratic control of the US House this fall.  They’re all “toss-up” races per the FiveThirtyEight House forecast.  (Which I used because I really like 538’s approach to forecasting.)

I’ve created an ActBlue page that lets you donate to all 20 of these Democratic candidates at once.  Every single dollar helps!  It will pay for texts to potential voters, phone lines to contact voters, staff to organize volunteers, advertising and more.  Your money has the biggest bang for its buck in these “toss-up twenty” races, where Every. Single. One. could decide the fate of Congress.

So please check out the Toss-up Twenty ActBlue donation page, and donate what you can to turning the House blue this November.


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