Clawing back the Senate

The US Senate is a particularly powerful body of the US Congress. The most long-lasting power that the Senate has is to confirm judges to federal courts, including the Supreme Court. If the US has any hope of moderating the current 6-3 very conservative Supreme Court that has started taking existing rights away from American citizens than it’s critical for Democrats to maintain control of the Senate.

The Trump administration did great damage to the judicial system by specifically nominating and confirming a huge number of extraordinarily partisan judges. Only a Democratic-controlled Senate can fix this damage.

The Senate is also unique in that it’s a touch more moderate than members of the House of Representatives. Because Senators are elected state-wide, elections in states that are “purple” (neither far-right nor far-left) can be really competitive.

I’m working to help Democrats maintain and expand their control of the US Senate – and I’d like your help. I’ve created a fundraising page to help channel funds to these critical Senate races and have already raised nearly $300,000. But if you are willing to donate money to the races that have some of the highest policy return for your donation, consider donating today. And if possible set up a recurring donation, which allows the campaigns to plan and make better long-term investments today.

Funds will go to the eight seats with the closest margins that will determine control of the Senate. They are:

Blue states / Democratic incumbents (must HOLD):

Blue states / Republican incumbents (should WIN):

Red states / Republican incumbents (can WIN):


Please donate to some of the most important candidates & races in the 2022 midterm elections. It’s crucial to restore balance to a judicial system that has taken a violent lurch and taken rights away from Americans. We’ve raised nearly $300,000 so far, and hope to hit $500,000 by election day, which is now less than eight weeks away.

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